Mitchell Metals pays top dollar for your scrap! We buy all:
Brass & Bronze
Nickel & Inconel
Monel & Hastalloy
Stainless Steel
Tungsten Carbide
Gold & Silver
Precious Metals
Semi Precious Metals
Stellite & Moly

Carbide Inserts
High Speed Steel
End Mills & Tooling
Turnings & Shavings
Chips & Solids
Tin, Lead & Zinc

Electrical Wire
Valves & Agitators
Tanks & Heat Exchangers
Printing Plates
Litho Sheets
Any & all scrap metal


Carbide inserts! Carbide end mills! High speed steel! No minimum!

DO NOT sell your carbide inserts or end mills back to the manufacturer! They'll offer you a credit per pound, but we'll double or even triple the price the manufacturer is paying you! We pay by cashiers check, cash, credit card, paypal, it's your carbide so it's your call. Drills, tooling, PCB drills (with or without Teflon), worn parts, dies, saw tips, blanks, rounds, etc. We also purchase high speed steel.


Machine chips! Solids! Clips! Shavings! Rejected parts! ALL METAL!
Whatever is left over from your manufacturing run, whether it's a few barrels or a few roll off bins, it's cash in your pocket! Doesn't matter if it's oiled, cutting fluid, watered down, regardless what it is, we'll buy it! Highest prices paid by cashiers check, wire transfer, credit card, paypal, it's your scrap so it's your call.


We buy all surplus & obsolete equipment!
Got an old heat exchanger in your yard? Old obsolete equipment taking up precious space? No longer using old tanks or valves in the bone yard? Turn your old unused machinery into cash! We service all of North America, regardless whether it's a few pounds or a few hundred tons, we can get you the space and cash you need in just a few days. We offer free roll off bins in all of United States, Canada & Mexico.


I'm happy with my current scrap guy! We've got a good relationship!
It's all about the bottom line, how much you are getting paid. Once you compare our prices, you wont sell to anybody else. Want a target price beat? Tell us what they are paying you and odds are we can beat it. We have roll off bins, yard cleaning, metal separation, same day service, any service they can provide, we do it better & you'll end up with more money in your pocket at the end of the transaction.


Need demolition work done? Need equipment removed? No problem!
We provide clean up crews, rigging & demolition, roll off bins, heavy equipment & operators, and we're fully insured & bonded. What takes other companies months, only takes us weeks.

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